Fructosyl-peptide Oxidase (FPOX-CET) フルクトシルペプチドオキシダーゼ(FPOX-CET)

  • 臨床診断用酵素


由来 recombinant E. coli

Fructosyl-peptide : oxygen oxidoreductase

EC 番号 1.5.3

Fructosyl-L-amino acid + H2O + O2 →→→ Peptide + Glucosone + H2O2


Appearance yellow lyophilizate
Activity ≧5.0 U/mg
Contaminants Catalase ≦1.0 U/U%
Stabilizer sodium glutamate, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)
Storage condition below -20℃ protected from light


Molecular weight ca. 60 kDa (gel filtration)
Structure monomer of 52 kDa (SDS-PAGE)
Michaelis constant 1.5×10-3M (fructosyl-valyl-histidine)
5.0×10-3M (fructosyl-glysine)
9.0×10-3M (Nε-fructosyl-lysine)
pH Optimum 7.5–8.5
pH Stability 5.5–9.5
Optimum temperature 37–45℃
Thermal stability below 45℃
Stability (powder form) stable at -20℃ for at least 12 months
Specificity fructosyl-valyl-histidine (100), fructosyl-glycine (150)
Nε-fructosyl-L-lysine (68.6)


The enzyme is useful for the determination of fructosyl-peptide and fructosyl-L-amino acid.


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