Urease (URE) ウレアーゼ(URE)

  • 臨床診断用酵素


由来 jack bean

Urea amidohydrolase

EC 番号

Urea +H2O →→→ CO2 +2NH3


Appearance white lyophilizate
Activity ≧100 U/mg lyophilizate
Storage below -20℃


Molecular weight ca. 480 kDa (gel filtration)
Structure 8 subunits (containing nickel)
Isoelectric point 5.0–5.1
Michaelis constant 1.05×10-2M (urea)
pH Optimum ca. 8.0
pH Stability 5.0–10.0
Optimum temperature 60℃
Thermal stability below 50℃
Inhibitors heavy metal ions,Na+,K+,NH₄+,suramin, thiourea
Specificity specific for urea


The enzyme is useful for the determination of urea in clinical analysis.


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