Microorganism Test ST 61940,61941,61942

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Microorganism Test ST

Microorganism Test ST is a rapid and all-in-one system for food pathogens that provides you with next-day results for key food pathogens.
Each self-contained device contains selective media for the target pathogen with easily readable test results available in 24 hours or less.
Microorganism Test ST tests are available for: E. coli & Coliform, S. aureus, Salmonella spp.

Description Rapid, Easy and Controlled Testing for Environmental Pathogens.
Test Microorganism (product code) E. coli & Coliform (61940)
S. aureus (61941)
Salmonella Spp. (61942)
Quantity 100 100 test/kit
Measurement Time < 24hrs
Data Output Color change
Storage 2-15 ℃ in a refrigerator
Expiry 18 months after manufacturing date
  • Incubator block and UV light source are not included.
  • Please refer to the instruction manual for full procedures.
  • These products have not been tested with all possible food products, food processes, test protocols or strains.

User's manual

Product code Product name User's manual
61940 Microorganism Test ST for E. coli & Coliform User's manual
61941 Microorganism Test ST for S. aureus User's manual
61942 Microorganism Test ST for Salmonella Spp. User's manual