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ATP Rapid Hygiene Monitoring

  • Government Sector

  • Healthcare

Visiting Scholar, Bureau of International Health Cooperation National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Japan RN, CNIC, MS, Ph.D.Hitomi Kurosu

A next-generation ATP Test for hygiene control at all health sites

Use of an ATP Swab Test for hospital infection control in developing countries:
Real-time feedback of test results for improvement of the adherence rate for hand hygiene

  • Food & Beverage Processors

Environment& Quality Assurance Office, Administrative Division, Fresh Meats Business Division,NH Foods Ltd. ManagerMichinobu Kato

Use of an ATP Swab Test in quality control in meat processing factories

Establishment of benchmark based on an ATP Test and a microorganism test is also effective for audits in overseas factories

  • Government Sector

Meat Inspection Station of Shiga Prefecture Hideya Inoue
Hideyuki Sawa

On-Site Applicability of an ATP Swab Test in Meat Processing Plants

  • Healthcare

Yodogawa Christian Hospital (Osaka) Chief of Infection Control DivisionMayumi Yoshimura

Countermeasures against infection and assessment of cleaning ofsurgical instruments and equipment using an ATP+AMP Swab Test

Improved procedures for cleaning of wards and a central supply room by “dirt visualization”

  • Food Service

Food Safety & Hygiene Control , Hyatt Regency Tokyo Chief OfficerYoshiro Okuzumi

ISO22000 Certification for Hotel Banquet Kitchens

The ATP Hygiene Monitoring System as a Tool to Change Awareness andActions of Employees

  • Food Service

  • Healthcare

Hamanako Eden no Sono, Seirei Social Welfare Community Toshiko Yamase

“Visualization” of hygiene with an ATP Swab Test in food service facilities

Enhancement of cross-sectional hygiene management and hygiene awareness in multiple facilities

  • Healthcare

Kyoto University Hospital Hirokazu Higuchi

Use of an ATP Swab Test after cleaning of a gastrointestinal endoscope

evaluation of the cleaning procedure and communication with staff

  • Healthcare

Yokohama-City Welfare Service Association Executive DirectorShigeaki Kirigaya

Use of an ATP hygiene monitoring for prevention of infection and food poisoningin elderly nursing facilities

  • Food Service

Quality Management Department, Akindo Sushiro Co., Ltd. Section ManagerSachiyo Tada

Sanitation Control and Sanitation Auditing at Sushi-Go-Round Chain

~ATP surface hygiene monitoring Effectively Used in Store and Plant Inspections and in EmployeeEducation~

  • Other

Laboratory of Marine Microbiology, Graduate School of Bioresources, Mie University professorSatoshi Fukuzaki

Sanitary Control with an ATP Swab Test and Improvement of Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures

  • Government Sector

Public Benefit Business Department, Japan Food Hygiene Association Chief of the Operations SectionNoriko Nakamura

The Japan Food Hygiene Association’s Activities to Promote “Hygienic Hand Washing” and Enhance Awareness of Its Effectiveness

Clarifying Regions Subject to Insufficient Washing andProposing Detailed Procedures Based on Evidence

  • Food & Beverage Processors

Ginga Kogen Beer Co., Ltd. in Iwate Prefecture

Promoting authentic German beer through quality and hygiene management!

Changing mindset to achieve the cleanest factory in the world using an ATP test!

  • Healthcare

Mamizuka Dental Clinic

Example of Effective Utilization of the ATP Hygiene Monitoring in Verification of EnvironmentalSanitation Control

Improvement of the Wiping Procedure for the Treatment Chair Unit Based on Inspection Results

  • Healthcare

Kikkoman Biochemifa Company Planning and Development DivisionNobuyoshi Sato

Verification of the cleanliness of a gastrointestinal endoscope using an ATP+AMP Swab Test

The ATP+AMP Swab Test : Simple, rapid and sensitive verification of cleanliness

  • Food Service

NPO Eisei kensa suishin kyokai ( NPO Eiken ) ChairmanMr. Yoshinori Maeda

The First Step toward Shifting to a Multi-Outlet Operation is the Creation of Mechanisms for Hygiene Controls

A Report Based on 10,000 Sets of ATP Data

  • Food & Beverage Processors

Quality Control Group, Beverage Production Division, Ibaraki Plant, Kikkoman Soyfoods Company Yuka Yanuma

Hygiene Control of Soymilk Production Lines by ATP Swab Tests

Use of ATP method to set CIP and COP conditions and to check cleanliness after cleaning

  • Food Service

Otsu Prince Hotel Hygiene Management Room Tetsuo Yamagata

Hotel Kitchen Hygiene Management Using ATP Swab Testing

Conducted by the Person in Charge of Each Section with Enhanced Self-esteem to Ensure Safety and Security

  • Government Sector

Sanitation Control Department Group, Sanitation Control Division, Nissin Healthcare Food Service Co.,Ltd Head Office Mr.Kenichiro Gamo

Hygiene controls in the Kitchen Taking Advantage of the ATP swab test

Establishing ATP Reference Standards Based on a Facility's "Existing Conditions"

  • Government Sector

Health & Welfare Bureau, City of Sapporo Manager food inspection, Food Safety Promotion Section, Public Health OfficeIkuo Kataoka

Use of ATP swab test at public health center

–– Use of ATP test for O157 food poisoning simulation in Asazuke*1 –– *1 Asazuke: lightly-pickled vegetables

ATP-based microbial assay

Histamine assay

  • Histamine

Yanagiyahonten Co., Ltd. (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Delivery of “Katsuobushi of Yaizu” all over Japan
Based on HACCP Management and a Thorough Inspection System

  • Histamine

Kikkoman Biochemifa Company

Rapid detection of histamine in foods